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If you are a cyclist, you know that long hours on your bike aren’t always comfortable with a traditional bike seat. Our noseless bike saddles combat that, helping you to enjoy longer rides with minimal discomfort.

Cycle free from the pain and numbness of traditional nosed saddles with the MoonSaddle. Enjoy the ride with a truly anatomically designed comfortable bike seat!

Learn more below, or contact us today with any questions about the MoonSaddle comfortable bike seat.

Who is the MoonSaddle for?

  • The moonsaddle is for all levels of cyclists: from competitive road racing, triathlons and mountain biking to recreational cycling and commuting
  • Men who want a medically recommended saddle to protect their urinary and male anatomy
  • Women who want to reduce pressure, numbness and pain on the perineum and protect the pelvic floor
  • Engineered to fit everyone from youth to adults

Anatomically Designed

Traditional bike seats can cause numbness due to their unideal construction. Human anatomy isn’t designed to sit on a triangle for hours at a time, and if you have a particular reason to protect your perineum or other parts of your anatomy, you may not even be able to ride a bike with its typical seat.

That’s why we invented the MoonSaddle. Our comfortable bike seat are designed to work with human anatomy rather than against it. The saddle is a crescent designed to place your weight on the bones you naturally sit on: the sitz bones. This design reduces pressure on the more sensitive parts of the body, and it can lessen pain as well.

Rather than going numb and risking hurting your body more, use a saddle designed by someone with a deep knowledge of anatomy. Our saddles are medically recommended so you can rest assured that you are protecting yourself as you ride, and they are suitable for all ages.

If you’re ready to ride in comfort, place an order today.

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