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The info site HealthyCycling.org explains that there is “extensive scientific and medical research indicating that the bicycle saddle is causing sexual health problem. The cause of the problem has been isolated to the protruding nose of the saddle.

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Just completed 100-mile ride for JDRF in Loveland Colorado last week. You can see my MoonSaddle on my classic LeMond (see photo). Type One to Type None! I have over 30,000 miles on my MoonSaddle and still going strong. No plans to change for me. At least 10 friends have converted. How about a MoonSaddle Club?

  • Barry Falcon

Just got and installed the MoonSaddle. A quick back story. I used to ride many miles every year, biking was always my preferred exercise. I always felt with numbness in my groin. And went through numerous saddles trying to solve the problem. Then about a year and a half ago I did something to injure my tail bone or coccyx. Sitting became uncomfortable I had to use special cushions where ever I sat. I had MRIs to look for a fracture. Saw multiple MDs and was told I had bruised my tail bone and it could take up to two years to heal. Well sitting was difficult but biking was impossible so for two seasons my bike has gathered dust. I saw your saddle as a potential solution. I was a little hesitant sight unseen, given its bizarre look and price point. So I called the company to ask some questions about returns, warranty and its weight capacity. I am 6′ and weigh 325 (not a tiny guy). I left a message and Dennis called back within 20 minutes. We went over all the questions I had and I placed my order. It arrived yesterday, and I went for a ten-mile ride today. What a difference. As some of the other feedback eludes it takes a little getting used to. You are basically engaging the seat at your “sits” bones i.e. Ischial tuberosity of your pelvis. Because of the weight not being distributed over a larger surface area it is a fair amount of pressure at those points of contact. It is also a little awkward mounting and dismounting. I don’t know that I would go ridding hands-free anytime soon as you lose the balance point that a larger nosed seat might give you. However. All that having been said there was no numbness in my “man” parts and the curved shape completely disengaged my tail bone. There was no pain at all. And I was able to ride ten miles my first ride in 2 years!!! I got used to the pressure and balance issues right away, they just faded away as I became used to this saddle. So I am an enthusiastic customer, and after one ride am thrilled with the product. Thank you. And Dennis you were right. I won’t be returning this!
Thanks again

  • Jaime H.

I first hear of the MoonSaddle through my friend and fellow cyclist on Journey of Hope, Adam S. We had trained together while at school, and both disliked out conventional saddles. I called for a complimentary MoonSaddle for riding in Push America. Naturally when the saddles were switched out I had to make adjustments from pitch of the seat to the height, to find a balance that was best. It took me less than an hour riding and adjusting to find something that worked for me, where I had comfortable position and pedal motion.

My immediate impression once I was done with a long ride wasn’t pain from the saddle, which would typically be the case with a regular seat, but satisfaction from a good workout. I focused more on my pedal stroke and how to handle the terrain, rather than thinking about how to reposition myself in order to be in less pain. It was great not to have the burden on saddle pain on my mind while riding.

I started with a softer MoonSaddle and when we met up in Philipsburg, MT they gave me a more firm saddle, which I think was more resistant to the pressure of 5-7 hours of daily riding. With an intense trip such as the Journey, the harder seat was definitely more beneficial. The MoonSaddle provided consistent comfort the entire day of cycling. If I were to ride another 4,300 miles I would have to use the MoonSaddle. I believe that you have a great concept that has been needed for some time, and by testing your product, and listening to its users, you will indeed create a wonderful cycling saddle. Thank you for your generosity towards Push America and helping us with our cause of raising funds and awareness for people with disabilities.

  • Michael D.

I rode 4,000 miles from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. on Journey of Hope North Route. The experience I had riding the MoonSaddle was an overall great one. Although, it was not love at first saddle; I am a pretty accomplished mountain bike rider and have been part of a team in the past. Prior to Journey of Hope I had a lot of experience with the traditional seat. Once I got used to the MoonSaddles adjustments I found that it is definitely my preferred choice on any cross country bike ride. The MoonSaddle starts out fairly firm but will get softer as the days go by.

  • John H.

I purchased a MoonSaddle for my dad for his birthday who just turned 82 years old. Dad rode 25 miles the first day out without a bit of pain afterwards. After riding that many miles with the conventional seat there would be no way he would even entertain the idea of getting back on the seat the following day. My dad now routinely rides his bicycle 25 miles a day. Even after his first outing with the MoonSaddle he told me he would never go back to a regular bicycle seat. Every time I talk to him he thanks me again for the great birthday gift. He said “After I got the saddle adjusted to where it feels comfortable, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” MoonSaddle’s customer service is top notch too. There was a problem with the saddle that Dad had received and MoonSaddle replaced the seat the same day I notified them of the problem. Thank you again MoonSaddle for my Dad’s comfort. I wish you all great success.

  • Donna

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful MoonSaddle! I rode in Ragbrai last week and out of our group of 6 riders I was the only one that didn’t have butt soreness. Quite a few people asked me about the seat and I told them it was the most comfortable seat I have ever been on. I met a young man who later introduced me to his father-in-law and said that I had met him before. Apparently a few years ago this same gent met another man named John who was also using a MoonSaddle. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the great product. It saved me pain in the you know where!

  • John Maglothin

Hi, Just wanted to thank you for allowing me to get back on my cycle after 3 years absence due to coccydynia. I tried a variety of saddles but they all caused me a great deal of pain. I’m in my 50s don’t own a car and have cycled all my life, so you can imagine not being able to cycle was a great inconvenience. Thankfully, I managed to buy your seat in the UK. You seat worked well on my hybrid, but I just put it on an upright Dutch bike and that works fantastically. Anyway I’d recommend anyone who has problems with their coccyx give you saddle a go! Thanks again

  • Gill

I have been riding the moon saddle now for several years on a hybrid. Before that I briefly rode it on a road bike. Previously I tried several saddles and landed on a Brooks saddle. While the Brooks was the most comfortable of the “nosed” saddles it was still somewhat painful, and I assumed this was as good as it gets. As the Brooks wore out, and I began researching a new saddle I stumbled on the MoonSaddle and decided to give it a try. After tweeting the angle of the seat I was amazed at the comfort.. I ride sporadically and now I never concern myself with the soft tissue pain. My only riding limit now is the endurance of my legs. I did lose some minor lateral control that comes with a nosed saddle, the trade-off was well worth it and the body learns to compensate for this minor loss of control. The saddle is well made and very sturdy. Though I weigh much less now, even at my peak weight of 290 lbs. the MoonSaddle never flinched under the load. Excellent product and I highly recommend.

  • David

Your saddle has arrived in the time promised and I used it today for the first time. It feels like being reborn again. Keep up the good work! It is so important that healthy technologies like this saddle get spread around the world. Don’t be surprised if you get load of orders from the UK all of a sudden.

  • Susanne

I love my MoonSaddles! I can ride without discomfort, and recently completed a century ride on my MoonSaddle with no pain.

They are on my road bike, tandem, and now I’m ordering one for my mountain bike as well. It is a joy to be able to ride without pain in my ladyparts! It only took a few miles to adjust to it, and now I can ride as long as I’d like. The only downside is when I
participate in a triathlon, there’s no horn on the saddle to hook over the pipe rack! But it’s a small price to pay (and my husband fashioned something for me to use, that’s taken care of). It’s not often that you find a product that can truly change the way you like, whether in terms of comfort or pleasure. For me, the MoonSaddle is one of those products.

  • Deborah C.

The past summer, I rode my Trek 5200 equipped with MoonSaddle from San Francisco, CA to Washington, DC on behalf of people with disabilities on the Journey of Hope. My experience was one that I would not trade for anything in the world, and I am happy to say that the MoonSaddle was a huge part of my successful ride. While many of my teammates would complain about their saddles and the awful effects that it was having on their undercarriages, I was incredibly comfortable the entire way. Over nearly 4,000 miles, I experienced no discomfort and no numbness “down there.” Some of my teammates, especially in the middle stages of the trip would complain about saddle sores and problems that are normally reserved for elderly men and can be solved with little blue pills. I, however, had no such problems, and for this I thank the MoonSaddle, which is a comfortable ride and puts no pressure on key blood vessels. I can say with near certainty that the MoonSaddle while being an excellent alternative to a traditional saddle in regards to men’s health, also is an excellent saddle for cycling. I experienced no drop-off in the power of my stroke compared to a “normal” saddle. Thank you very much for your product, and all the success to you in the future. I will continue to rave about the MoonSaddle when fellow cyclists say “what is that thing?”

P.S. I nicknamed my seat the “Moustache Ride”

  • Adam S.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and frequent the local biking trails here. I am 45 years old, 180 lbs., 5’7″ tall, and until recently, bike riding was becoming a chore. After a medium ride (10 miles) I noticed that my mountain bikes original “comfort-saddle” was causing numbness in my hands as I rode. I vowed then and there that I needed a new seat. After searching the internet for a replacement – your site came up in Google search. I read testimonials and put it off for a bit (I thought the price was a bit much for a seat) but after another ride on the trail – and a bit more searching and reading, I decided to order from your store. I followed the recommended reverse installation and MAN-O-MAN what an awesome ride! Not only are my hands no longer numb – but riding is such a pleasure.

I can’t see how ANY MAN could ever sit on a horn seat again. I recently did ride the horn as my tire went flat and my wife wanted to hit the trail – BIG MISTAKE!! I could not stand the horn and my butt was not happy. Needless to say I am buying another for my son in Hawaii and recommend this as the ONLY seat to others. Thanks for the AWESOME product.

  • James

I just wanted to email you folks and let you know that I LOVE!!! my MoonSaddle bicycle seat. I had quit riding for a while and then bought a recumbent, but that was like riding a tricycle. Then thank god I got on the internet and found your seat. I am happy to say that I am riding every day now with no ill effects.
Great product!!

  • Brian

I am ordering a third MoonSaddle I've had two moon saddles so far, rode across 5 islands in Indonesia on one of them. My favorite cycle saddle!

  • David

Dear Moonsaddle,

I have just had the Moonsaddle fitted after a few years humming and haa-ing about whether to get one or not. I have had long-term tailbone issues. I’m still in the early stages of rehabilitating the tailbone but so far soooooo good. I could tell almost immediately that the pain associated with sitting would be alleviated as there is NO pressure on the tailbone. I’d love you to use this testimony to promote the saddle as one of my delays in buying was due the lack of current reviews.

Thanks so much.

  • Karen

Got my moon for my moon..haha..what a difference for me right away. Installed right away on my Cannondale hybrid. I had hip broke in 87 after bike collision with auto. Could no longer ride road geometry after that so went to hybrid. It worked ok with Speedplay pedals though my lower vertebra squeaked all the time cuz my injury repair caused one leg 1/2′ shorter.

The squeak is gone and I feel as if have better power transfer due to the MoonSaddle. What a gift for me since I’ve loved riding forever. Being 62 y.o. I can ride forever again.
I bought the lower-priced blemish but saw none…

Love yah…

  • Arthur aka T.H.E.

Last year, I emailed you guys praising the benefits of your seat, and you have my review in your testimonials. Well, I’ve had it for several months now and I want you to know I finished my first 50 mile, non-stop ride, and had no problems whatsoever with the Moonsaddle! I now regularly ride 12-19 miles, 6-7 days a week, with a long 25-45 miles ride on Saturdays, all with no problems! Just want you to know, this seat is awesome, and for anyone wondering about how it performs on long rides, well, it performs perfectly! No soreness in the nether regions, which is great! I look forward to my first century ride in the coming months, and I’ll let you know how that goes. The bottom line is, due to this seat, I’m able to cycle regularly AND comfortably, and it’s my saving grace.

  • Jim

I have received the MoonSaddle I ordered from Spain some weeks ago without problems. Thanks for the fast shipping.

U can try to explain (in my poor English) my impressions after two weeks riding on it. I was very interested in testing your saddle for both reasons, first because I am intensive practitioner of cyclism and second because I am a urologist.

As urologist I can say that your main purpose is accomplished: the pressure on the pelvic floor is nearly completely avoided and so the vascular and neural compression in the pudendal area is less. This will lead to a less incidence in the well described literature problems related with the practice of cyclism (genital numbness, erectile dysfunction, infertility, hematuria). (The Vicious Cycling: Bicycling Related Urogenital Disorders, I Leibovitch. Y. Mor/European Urology 47 (2005) 277-287).

As cyclist, the initial feeling with the MoonSaddle is strange. Using it as you advise (with the “horns” back), puts you in an excessive forward position on the bike (perhaps it will be good idea using special seat post with a exaggerate back position). Adding to this that you “have nothing between the legs,” only the back supports of the saddle, the sensation of instability on the bike is big, especially in the downhills. After some hours my impressions are better, but I think a shorter “horns” will allow to move the body back easily and place more weight on the rear wheel, that is necessary in different moments when you ride. I’m not quite confident with the saddle for using in races, but yet for those days I only want to walk easily. What’s sure is I’m the center of all the looks when I ride with it!

In any case, your saddle is a good idea and an excellent choice for those bikers with problems in the perineal area or very concerned about them (I have a lot of them in my office). For me this is the original “treatment” to prescribe, and a good alternative to the saddles with “hole” or to duo power. I don’t know if you want to know it, it’s a Spanish saddle that tries to get the same objectives that the MoonSaddle, with a more conventional design. I have been using it for more than 2 years, perhaps it has been a good intermediate stop to adapt to the MoonSaddle.

  • Dr. Alfred Mus

The MoonSaddle arrived today. I cannot thank you enough. I can’t wait to try it…….I bet I’ll be able to bike for hours!!

Bike on!!

  • Sandy

Your seat is the best. I bought one of your saddles a couple of years ago and it has been one of the best investments that I have ever made!!! I would not ride without it! Thanks for such great product!

  • Don

I cannot thank you enough for providing me with the BEST bike seat ever!! I purchased one recently and could not be happier with the results. I had tried numerous other types of saddles and none provided me with the comfort I was seeking. I had even considered giving up biking because I was in constant discomfort. MoonSaddle came to my rescue and I am now biking up to 4 times weekly. (I average 1x month before!) Keep up the great work! I sing your praises and thank you from the bottom of my … (well, you know!)

  • Phil

Wow!! What a difference, It took a few rides to get the adjustment to fit me, but right from the 1st ride, no problems in the private area. I had a prostrate procedure last year and things were/are a little more sensitive to pressure. I tried several other traditional saddles, the best of which was the Selle San Marco, which wasn’t too bad, but I’d still have numbness etc. When I tried the MoonSaddle, it was like night and day. After a few adjustments, beautiful. Now I can ride any distance I want with no problems during or after the ride. I highly recommend this seat, and would emphasize to anyone purchasing it to try it and make adjustment as you ride.

  • Thomas S.