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Redefining the Bicycle Saddle

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Redefining the Bicycle Saddle

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Why MoonSaddle?

History of MoonSaddle

Dennis Bell is the developer and engineer of the MoonSaddle. It was inspired while consulting in California and riding a yard sale bicycle from Huntington Beach to Newport Beach on numerous weekend occasions. Dennis was a Corpsman in the US Navy, Vietnam era. Hospital Corps School was composed of many courses, including human anatomy. Being aware of the support system of the human body, he was aware of the Iischial tuberosities (sitz bones) and the perineum which is medial to the tuberosities. On occasion, when riding his yard sale bicycle, he would find relief from pressure on the tender parts by standing up and peddling. He thought at the time “If I can ride this bike standing up on the peddles, why do I need that stupid and painful nose on the bicycle saddle”! On one return trip, he sketched the idea of a noseless bicycle saddle. Sometime later one of his friends broached the subject of a more comfortable seat and that inspired him to do the research and develop a model of his noseless concept and with the use of some carving wood and an old football for the leather, MoonSaddle was born and it was awarded a US patent. It was the first production noseless saddle worldwide.

What Makes the MoonSaddle Different?

1 (26)

Eliminates painful and damaging horn to straddle.

2 (17)

Utilizes the natural support of the skeletal structure.

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Provides anatomy-friendly features.

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Sculpted to ensure the protection of the delicate perineum.

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Positions the body’s weight rest on the ‘sit bones’ of the skeleton, rather than the vulnerable area of the perineum as with traditional nosed saddles.

Who Is the MoonSaddle For?

The MoonSaddle is for all levels of cyclists: from competitive road racing, triathlons, and mountain biking to recreational cycling and commuting.


Men who want a medically recommended saddle to protect their urinary and male anatomy.


Women who want to reduce pressure, numbness, and pain on the perineum and protect the pelvic floor.


Men, women, and children who want to cycle free from the pain and numbness of traditional nosed saddles. Engineered to fit everyone from youth to adults.

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This is a comparison between MoonSaddle relieving pressure on the perineum and (black saddle)
and trauma, squeezing of a conventional saddle (white saddle).

Because a bicycle saddle impacts the pelvic region of the human anatomy, it simultaneously impacts nerves, veins, arteries, periosteum of the several members of the pelvic region including the coccyx and its members.  The reproductive and alimentary parts are also impacted. The small intestine, large intestine rectum and anus in both males and females, besides the urinary systems, urethra, bladder, including all things north and south.  The vulva and reproductive provisions in females and the prostate, testicles and appendages are intensely and negatively impacted by the use of a conventional saddles with noses, including the newer attempts to alleviate the pressures and impacts by creating a lot or opening in the saddle which largely only serve as a “guillotine to the perennial members.

MoonSaddle is intentionally designed to fully relieve load impact to the perineum and tailbone while allowing of air flow through the perineum and pelvic floor, eliminating heat buildup, discomfort and the subsequent maladies such as yeast infections and prostatitis.